Wednesday, 28 January 2015

God Men or Good Men????

Trust a man who says there is no god, trust a man who says there is god, but never trust a man who says he is god.  I like this statement very much.
I know a lot of people who either believe in god or don’t. But what I don’t understand is how an average intelligent man, who earns well, is able to run his family can submit to the will of another man in blind faith.
Our country is not bereft of such people.  People who will literally fall at the feet of another man who claims to be a god.  Almost everyday we see in media about such people. There are in-fact one or two who are under investigation, yet people go to them seeking blessings.
After speaking to a few such people, I have listed out reasons why God men flourish in our country.
People who believe in God Men do so for the following reasons:
1)      Want to know the secret of the universe
2)      Want to know the purpose of their life
3)      Want relaxation
4)      Want peace of mind
5)      Want success in job or business
6)      Want to become wealthy
7)      Want problems solved
8)      Want to go abroad
9)      Want to know future
10)   Want protection
11)   Want a child
  The list actually goes on, but I have listed the top 11 (Our Cricket top 11 makes more sense than this).
I can understand the people’s wants.  I am not telling people that desire is bad or desire is the reason for disappointment (When Buddha told you didn’t follow, why will you follow me?). However, thinking that these wants will be fulfilled by a guy who, due to lack of creativity, calls himself god? Don’t these people, who want to become rich, realize that they are instead making him rich?
Why would you send your wife to another man for a child?
If you want to succeed in job lick your bosses’ ass or work hard, how will a swamiji help?
If you want a successful business, cheat on taxes, cheat on quality or over price your products but keep your marketing team happy or the other way is work hard.
You want protection, stop pissing off people.
Why do you want to know the secret of the universe? What will you do with it? Find out about Victoria’s secrets instead, atleast it is interesting.
What will you do knowing the purpose of your life? You want relaxation watch a movie or someone else’s wife.
I can go on and on……..
Note to all devotees of God Men : You are getting screwed and paying for it.  There is no name for it.  Go home and concentrate on making your family happier than yesterday, which will get you all you want.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Teacher's do or not to do....

Teacher’s Day

I am back on public demand. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I was not in jail or something (My current boss, however thinks I should be in a straight jacket). I have not written any article for a loooong time.  Now I am back (Good things don’t last for long friend).
What should I write about is least of my concerns right now(I don’t know why that is important).  Recently I saw our NAMO on TV talking to students.  I thought to myself (Not aloud, there were people around) why would PM of our nation want to talk to students of our nation.  He should be out talking to students of other nations.  Our children have already gone bad.  You don’t trust me? Look around you, the kind of parents you see should tell you something.
So, here is our PM talking to the next generation and telling them how important education is. I wanted to shout at him “They are already in school……tell them something different”.   Then my wife asked me to pipe down .  So much for freedom of speech. He was talking to students on Teacher’s day.  Shouldn’t he be talking to teachers?  Telling them how bad they are, etc?

What next, will he be talking to AAP on Gandhi jayanthi?. Come on, who is his PR? Who gave him this idea? I can do better than him anyday (No comments please).

This is not getting us anywhere (Not that there was a goal to this article).  So, lets talk about Teacher’s day. It is celebrated on 5th Sept. Which year you ask? Every year you dumbass.  Why do we celebrate you ask? Google it junkie!!!!

Pakistan and Russia celebrate teacher’s day on October 5 (again every year) and UK too.  That should tell you something about these people.

On teacher’s day, we remember Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Second president of our great nation.
I happen to witness teacher's day at schools closely on several occasions.

None of the events at any school was about him, they were about what is wrong with India, it was about students knowing the pain of teachers, everything but about that great personality who should be remembered. In the years that we have been celebrating this great day, the essence of it has gone.  Right after school day, I happen to ask a few “Bright” students what the hullabaloo was about and they had no clue.

Come on schools!!!! Don’t lose perspective. Our PM may have forgotten to mention but you cannot afford this miss.  Our kids need to remember the great personality called Bharatha Ratna Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, his achievements, ideals and what he taught westerners about our culture and religion.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


First you have to understand the below saying on my blog to be able to understand this article completely (i.e., if you are able to read it completely)

As per Webster dictionary anger is defined as a state in which you are anywhere between pissed or super pissed.  Really……..I know you want to check your dictionary, but if you have a dictionary at home and want to search the meaning of the word “anger”, then you are a suck up.

Anger is an emotion which causes you to do stupid things like slapping people in public, slapping people in pubic (read it again), biting ears off in the ring or on the football field, barking at people with cameras, shooting at innocent animals and wearing T shirts which contradicts what you did, etc, etc, etc, etc.

There is no one way the anger manifests itself.

You have to go home late on your wife’s birthday to witness one form of anger or call her mother names to see another form or ogle at her friend to witness yet another form.

Physiologically speaking, anger is not good for health.  It is a proven scientific fact.  Try the following Harvard approved , psycoanalatically proven experiment and you will know.

Friday evening: Sit with your wife and tell her that you are missing her very much and want to spend the entire weekend with her alone.

Saturday morning: Arrange for a friend to call and act as if there is an emergency at the office and walk out without complete explanation.

Sunday afternoon: If you can, update comments on this post if you agree with me or not.  You will see that anger is definitely not good for health.

Anger and booze don’t go well together.  Both wants to take over one another and almost always anger wins, meaning you will have to spend more on booze.  See what I mean? Whether you drive when you are drunk or not is left to you…….but never get angry when high.

So, why do we get angry? when people ask this dumb question is one reason, another is when people don’t meet our expectations (Even I can be profound), last reason is when people meet our expectations (Like mother-in-law being nice on a day when you have mustered enough courage to confront her about too many visits)
Anger is gender biased.  Anger is a woman is entirely different from anger in men.  It comes for different reasons, shows itself in different forms and always (without exception) ends in the man apologizing.

In women anger comes for no reason at all.  Here they are giggling one moment and the next they are so angry you will think that Arvind K joined NaMo for “chai pe charcha” and the very next they will be in tears.

Men get angry for simple and understandable reasons. No change for smoke, lighter not working, too much traffic on a Saturday, too many kids around (Number of kids can be 1 also), India losing to Pakistan, power off during a very interesting match, your wife's beautiful friend calling you brother, your wife's beautiful friend getting married, your wife's beautiful friend getting married to an arsehole, etc, etc, etc, etc.

When you get angry, you immobilize yourself and cause a lot of destruction to yourself and everyone around your like Arvind K did to Delhi………trust me friends, anger is one emotion you can do without………..

Best ways to beat anger are :

1)      Don’t acknowledge it
2)      Stay away from negative people
3)      Don’t expect others to be like you
4)      MOST IMPORTANT : Don’t cross your wife………

Hell hath no fury as the wrath of a woman scorned – William Congreve


In simple words my boss used to say “Learn to let go”.  Thanks boss for those wise words, I am no longer getting beaten up at home as frequently as before.